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Exhibition Fee

Date:2018-05-24 17:05:11

1.Standard booth
USD 2,400/9 sq. m. Add 10% fees for double-open booth.
Facilities: three white surrounding boards (height: 2.5M), one table, two chairs, two daylight lamps, fascia in English and Chinese, one wastebin and a piece of floor carpet.


2.Luxury booth

USD 2800/9 sq. m. Add 10% fees for double-open booth
Facilities: one table, one bar chair, one glass table with 4 chairs, fascia in English and Chinese, two spotlights, one wastebin, a piece of floor carpet and one outlet. Advert on the desk: self-prepared; size: 1m*1m)



3.Raw Space
USD 240/sq.m. Minimum rental space:36 square meters.
Additional management fee:RMB 50/m2.The booth should be built and decorated by exhibitors themselves.
No facilities provides.