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Exhibition Highlights

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Exhibition Highlights
1. Chongqing —— the only municipality directly under the Central Government in western China and the key engine for the economic development of the western region
2. Chongqing International Expo Center —— the largest indoor exhibition area with more than 200,000 square meters in the west and the third in China
3. CDW 2019 —— a thematic show of the largest Building Decoration Expo, 2019 Chongqing International Building Decoration Expo (BDE 2019), in western China, expecting 700+ exhibitors and 22,000 visitors
4. Media’ Support —— nearly 250 professional media at home and abroad in cooperation, such as Window & Facade Magazine (WFM), China Building Materials Daily, Jia.com, The Home Network, XINHUANET.com,  CQTVIDA, QMEA, UWDMA, etc. In addition to media cooperation, a lot of outdoor publicity have been done, like Signages in 1000 Chongqing Neighbourhoods, Advertisements Inside Chongqing Subway Passenger Cars and Light Rail Passenger Cars and Stations, etc. 
5. Exhibitors’ Support —— nearly 150 renowned doors, windows & hardware enterprises have confirmed their participation at CDW 2018, such as Crossway (Germany), OFAN, PLUX, Meixin, FIGE, KAADAS, HOLZER, HONGDA, SAVANEE,etc. Almost half of the exhibitors from CDW 2017 booked their booth on site for 2018.
6. Concurrent Exhibitions: 
Home Furniture Exhibition
Whole House Customization Expo
Prefab Housing & Building Materials Expo
Flooring, Kitchen & Bathrooms Fair
Shading, Sunroom and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition
Paints & Coatings Fair