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Target Audience

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 Real estate developers, urban planning units, municipal gardens administration bureaus, development zone administrations, architecture/planning and design institutes, and project construction units;

Building decoration company, major professional markets in Chongqing and adjacent provinces and cities, building materials product distribution agents, wholesale retailers, import and export traders;

The proprietors of the proposed, under-construction and converted projects; villa property management agencies, high-end real estate owners and prospective clients;

Investment developers of large-span industrial plants, warehouses, cold stores, high-rise buildings, office buildings, multi-storey car parks, stadiums, airport terminals, freight yards, station sheds, traffic posts, and toll stations;

Construction units for construction projects, petrochemicals, municipal construction, environmental protection projects, smart grids, "three-in-one", ocean engineering, water conservancy construction, geological exploration, fire communication, earthquake relief, and military engineering;

professional home appliance market, building materials market, home market, TV shopping and other emerging channels;

Other relevant units.